Bernat Font Trio

In February of 2009 the trio of Bernat Font went on stage for the first time. Since then, they have performed all through Catalonia and Spain and have toured Serbia three times. They have published three albums which received very favorable feedback from both critics and general audience. Their first album (“The Shout”) won the Enderrock award for Best New Jazz Proposal, and the piece “Big 3” was included in the movie “Song for Marion”. Bernat is backed in his trio by Martí Elias on drums and, on the bass, Ivan Kovacevic up until 2013 and currently Joan Motera.

While as a sideman and soloist Bernat Font shows his affinity with blues and the oldest styles of jazz, playing standards from the first half of the 20th century, when leading his trio he assumes a rather different role, less traditionalist and more personal, placing more and more emphasis on the task of composition. Tradition then serves not as something to be clung to but as something whose elements can be stirred in order to find a way of expression that is genuine: it is the starting point. With their foundation in swing and blues, the songs travel through different landscapes and emotions without concerns about stylistic identity. When performing live, the trio seeks proximity with the audience and balance between intensity and subtlety, exuding a sincere and warm energy, without unnecessary complexities.


  • Bernat Font – piano
  • Joan Motera – Double Bass
  • Martí Elias – batery


  • “The Sand – Live” (Swit Records, 2014)
  • “Out For A While” (Swit Records, 2012)
  • “The Shout” (Swit Records, 2010) Premio Enderrock-Jaç ’12 a mejor nueva propuesta



Bernat Font Trio

Barcelona Big Blues Band

Traditionally, Barcelona has been presenting great jazz and swing Big Bands for many years. Since the beginning of 70´s there have been many musicians and music arrangers who were seduced by the caracteristic power and versatile style of this band formation. But, so far, none of them was envolved deeply in blues or rhythm´n´blues music. The Barcelona Big Blues Band, lead by double bass player Ivan Kovacevic, combines a group of great musicians who create an energetic sound that is capable of beeing wild, raw and sofisticated at the same time. In his arrangements, Kovacevic applies his whole experience and judgment that he acquired playing in small combo bands and also being a great fan of early R&B music. The final resault is a driving, powerhouse sound,following the line of bands like T-Bone Walker or Johnny Otis.

Following the idea to make every concert unique, Barcelona Big Blues Band has played with lot of special guests from all over the world, well known soloist that from the rhythm & blues scene, such as: Dani Nel · lo, Blas Picón, Big Dani Perez, Drew Davies, Ray Gelato, Mike Sanchez, Agusti Burriel, Myriam Swanson, Mark Tortorici, Knock Out Greg, Lluis Coloma, Barbara Clifford, Pere Puertas, Steve Lucky & Crmen Getit.

In each show B4 make the audience enjoy the music same way they do..With all their soul !!

The Band





Barcelona Gipsy Kezmer Orchestra

Starting from November 2015, BGKO evolves: after so much intense work and growth, we are responding to the urge to expand our artistic horizons. While we remain very interested in Klezmer music, we also want to gather inspiration from a wider spectrum of genres. Balkan music is, for us, a set of musical traditions and multiethnic cultures that surpass geographical confines, drawing on the historical traditions that have forever inhabited these lands: Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, Gypsies, Ottomans, Arabs…

No longer with us is the clarinetist, Robindro Nikolic, co-founder of the old Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra. He continues his own unique artistic path with new projects. We want to take this occasion to express our deep admiration and gratitude for the wonderful years of learning and performing with Robindro.

La Banda

  • Sandra Sangiao: Vocals (Catalunya, Spain)
  • Mattia Schirosa: Accordion (Italy)
  • Julien Chanal: Guitar (France)
  • Ivan Kovačević: Double Bass (Serbia)
  • Stelios Togias: Darbuka, Bendir, Cajón, Davul, Riq, Tzouras (Greece)
  • Daniel Carbonell: Clarinet (Spain)
  • Oleksandr Sora:Violín (Ucrania)





Los Mambo Jambo

Los Mambo Jambo es la banda instrumental creadora del ‘Sonido Jambofónico’, una mezcla salvaje de rock&roll, rhythm&blues, surf y swing interpretada bajo una perspectiva contemporánea. Su estilo es producto de la conjura de sus cuatro componentes, figuras emblemáticas de la escena del rock&roll y el jazz en España: Dani Nel·lo (saxo), Dani Baraldés (guitarra), Ivan Kovacevic (contrabajo) y Anton Jarl (batería).

El cuarteto nace a finales del 2009 en Barcelona. La música instrumental es un lenguaje universal y Los Mambo Jambo se unen con la vocación de lanzar una propuesta directa e intemporal, una invitación que conecte con cualquier persona en cualquier lugar del mundo. A día de hoy, Los Mambo Jambo tienen publicados tres álbumes y cuatro 7’’, uno de ellos en colaboración con el cantante estadounidense Barrence Withfield.

Los Mambo Jambo han tenido desde el principio una vocación internacional. Han paseado su “Sonido Jambofónico” por los escenarios de toda Europa (Noruega, Alemania, UK, Italia, Holanda…) y por México, donde reciben una acogida especialmente calurosa. Su segundo disco “Impacto Inminente” (Isotónic Records) apareció publicado antes en México que en Europa. Y su tercer disco “Jambology”, tuvo una acogida impactante entre sus fans, la prensa y los medios, y en escenarios de España y toda Europa.

Parte del éxito de Los Mambo Jambo reside en sus enérgicos directos. Su repertorio lo conforman temas concisos y muy intensos ejecutados con fe, precisión y entrega. En esencia, un directo de Los Mambo Jambo, es una comunión de energías entre la banda y el público.


  • Dani Nel·lo: Saxofón
  • Ivan Kovacevic: Contrabajo
  • Anton Jarl: Batería
  • Dani Baraldés: guitarra


Ivan Kovacevic 5 Spots


There was a time when jazz was breathing fire, it smoked up the air and it danced to the clink of ice cubes soaked in distilled liver-piercing fluids. More than music, it was a punch in the establishment’s face, a yearning for life and freedom that was expressed with no concessions whatsoever. Energetic, intense and vital, it was meant to shake the emotional nerve and make the body temperature rise while the pla­yers’ souls were burning in hell. lt was never a matter of form or aesthetics only, but rather a praise of immediacy.

Enjoy the moment as if this was your last doy and project that as if it were your first. The lowest passions and the noblest feelings were together as one piece in the conversation of that rhythm which is pure enthusiasm. AII these sensations and many other emo­tions -which are hard to transcribe into words- reaffirm the strong and honest 5 Spots project with a wealth of credi­bility.

Press “play” and there will be NO stopping them!

Pere Pons



5 spots - Cava de Blues

Ivan Kivacevic 5 Spots en iTunes

Shift, la primera portada de un disco realizada con la lente Petzval

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